Sygic Aura Log Extractor

This tool extracts GPS tracks from Sygic Aura navigation (Version 11.0.1 is supported, other not tested).

You can download a command-line tool: DOWNLOAD (It requires Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0)

Or you can use the online convertor: Sorry, not available yet

Manual for the command line tool:

The tool transforms the binary log file from Sygic Aura travelbook. These files contain the gps coordinates logged once per a second. Each record contains GPS coordinates, elevation and timestamp.

The data format of the log files is not available, thus there some other data but I haven't recognized them yet.

How to use:

Example output:

longitude	latitude	elevation	time
14,54244	50,07183	308	4.8.2011 18:18:34
14,54245	50,07184	306	4.8.2011 18:18:35
14,54246	50,07184	305	4.8.2011 18:18:36
14,54246	50,07185	306	4.8.2011 18:18:39
14,54247	50,07185	308	4.8.2011 18:18:46